Complete Home Update and Expansion

Long Grove, Illinois

IEG specializes in extensive, multi-stage projects such as this. Our collaboration began with a complete interior remodeling and an addition. It progressed to a second addition, and finally, a second multiple-car garage as well as an apartment for live-in help. In the process, we re-envisioned the exterior of the 10-year-old property to echo the more contemporary styling we were creating within. Our client, an entrepreneur and single mother, loves the way we interpreted her soft contemporary style, accenting it touches of sparkle and shine in all the right spots. We incorporated her favorite shade of red and the circular patterns she is drawn to. There is an authentic theater space, a dramatic elevator and detail upon detail, including Swarovski crystals sprinkled delicately on light fixtures, trims, pillows and window treatments. Now she has a home where she feels pampered after long days at the helm of her large firm.