Video Tour: Teaming Up for Success

Principal Designer Kelly Guinaugh hosts her first, behind-the-scenes video tour of a spectacular interior design project. All photos captured from video by Matt Warren Photography.

Why We Work as a Team

Come join my team and me in our first video as we walk you behind the scenes during “install day” at a spectacular project. You will learn about our collaborative team approach and enjoy a sneak-preview of the guest house on this spacious property. We also will show you the former silo, where we furnished a must-see, sky-high retreat for guests. IEG has completed five projects on this 230-acre property, which includes an 18-hole golf course, two lakes, beaches, boat launches and thousands of trees. As we manage the details of move-in day, we will explain why working as a team produces the best results for our clients.


bird's-eye view

Bird’s-eye view of guest cottage and former silo-turned-retreat.

Seeing the Big Picture

From this vantage point, you can see the newly-constructed, six-bedroom guest cottage, where we furnished the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms and great room. In the foreground is the former silo, which is now a retreat.  Our “big picture” goals were to create a resort-like get-away that would make guests feel relaxed, comfortable and pampered.  As we collaborated on the design, we were inspired by the gently rolling hills, wildflowers, gardens and lush, wooded acres that comprise this secluded estate.  It is easy to fall in love with the beauty that surrounds you here.

Taking a Team Approach

Leading up to install day, our senior designer Elizabeth Martini, worked with me and the rest of the team to interpret our client’s wants and needs, analyze how the facilities will be used by guests  and translate all of that into a design scheme.  This coordinated approach ensures that multiple designers and a project manager each contribute their unique perspective and talents to produce the highest level of creativity and function in the final plan. Space planning, furniture design and layouts, architectural details, color palettes and fabric selections happen at this stage, along with budget development. We develop two carefully edited plans so the client can weigh the options. Our lead designer meets with the client to present and discuss the proposal, listen to our clients’ thoughts and suggestions and incorporate changes at this point. Typically, our clients tell us that we have interpreted their vision and made it better.


organizing accessories

Lead designer Elizabeth Martini helps oversee install day.

Selecting Furnishings

With an overall plan in place, we begin the exciting process of choosing each specific furnishing, including sofas, chairs, rugs, tables, pillows and artwork. We place orders well in advance and follow their progress closely to ensure that our delivery dates will be met. Because we handle every detail of a project, our clients can focus on their day-to-day lives and enjoy the design process.

The week before installation day for this project, we loaded up bedding and accessories and delivered it all to the space. As you can see above, the kitchen counter is overflowing with pieces in a variety of textures, materials and finishes. Many of them have an organic feeling.  Interior designers are experts at setting the mood in a space, and we know that incorporating nature into interior design brings a sense of peace and serenity, which we wanted for this project.


reviewing delivery check list

Kelly and designer Ashley Mui review the delivery check list.

What Happens on Install Day?

The actual install day is an exciting time for any project. Everything we have done comes together and we get to see the results of all the collaborations that led to this point.  Our team personally oversees the delivery and placement of every item to ensure that furnishings and materials arrive in good condition and are properly placed.  Working in concert with the delivery people, Ashley carefully tracks every item on our check list, above, making sure that everything arrives as scheduled.  In this case, we are monitoring deliveries to the guest house.


inspecting furnishings

Project manager Sheila Biell inspects a bar stool.

Inspecting Every Piece

Our project manager, Sheila, inspects every piece from top to bottom and front to back, making sure it is in pristine condition. Often she has to inspect dozens of items, and each piece must meet our exacting standards.  We want everything to be perfect for our clients.


silo retreat

Expansive windows offer sweeping views of the 230-acre property.

Bringing the Client’s Vision to Life

Of course, seeing the finished project that we and our client had envisioned always gives our team a thrill! Above, the silo “retreat”  was one of our earlier assignments on this property.  An elevator whisks guests to the top of the structure, where they can have a massage after a day on the golf course or just relax in peace and quiet while enjoying the scenery. With expansive windows on every wall, the silo offers dramatic views of gently rolling terrain, a lovely outdoor terrace with a water feature running through it and thousands of trees. Or, you also can step outside on the balcony and drink in the sights al fresco. Research has shown the mental and physical benefits we get from being close to nature: Green is Good for You. 

We feel very grateful and privileged to work with this client. Doomis Builders and architectural firm Stan Leonard Designs deserve recognition , too, for their outstanding work at this facility.  Our coordinated team effort led to a space that our client and his guests will enjoy for years to come.