Bathroom Mirrors Make a Splash

statement mirror bathroom

The sparkling pendant lights, geometric cabinets and specialty wall treatment work with the Lalique mirror to create an elegant mood. Photo by Larry Malvin

Think of Mirrors as Works of Art

Statement mirrors are a beautiful way to add excitement – and so much more – to a bathroom.  I often think of them as works of art that go well beyond their basic function of reflecting our image as we style our hair or compare one pair of earrings to another. For one, mirrors of all kinds produce the illusion of space, which is particularly important in powder rooms, such as the one pictured above.  We also believe that powder rooms are an opportunity for an impactful design.  Our friends and family see them when they visit, so for this space we chose a custom Lalique mirror with elegant frosted crystal scrolling the border. We love the way it reflects the sparkling pendants from FineArtLamps,  in effect doubling the impact of that fixture.   Whenever we place a mirror in a room, we always ensure that it reflects something attractive. Getting all the details just right is our goal. For this space, the rounded swirls in the mirror design are echoed in the spherical pendants and the hardware on the cabinet with metallic finish from ExclusiveWoodworking, custom designed by IEG.

mosaic tile bathroom mirror

Instead of tile backsplash, we layered a mosaic tile-framed mirror on a full-wall mirror.

Dial Up the Brightness

Mirrors dial up the brightness in a bathroom, not only by reflecting light from fixtures but from natural light coming through a window, as in the master bathroom above. Instead of installing a tile backsplash, we layered this mosaic tile-framed mirror onto a full-wall mirror, where it becomes the center of attention.  The other elements in the space – cabinets, countertops, window treatments – are deliberately understated, so they don’t detract from that focal point.

black leather bathroom mirror

A black, leather-wrapped mirror pulls together the masculine design of this ensuite bathroom.
Photo by Larry Malvin Photography

Integrate a Room with a Statement Mirror

Statement mirrors can unify the design of a room, as in this masculine, ensuite bathroom above. The black leather wrapped mirror, from FriedmanMirrors, is simple yet dramatic. It magnifies the masculine vibe while anchoring the black and soft white grain of the granite countertop and the sophisticated backsplash, made of a mix of ceramic and glass mosaic tile. The sleek cabinetry, from AbruzzoKitchenandBath has a custom finish that complements the wall color.

A Short History of Mirrors

The history of mirrors is fascinating – ranging the early origins of mirrors and the superstitions that have developed around them. Who hasn’t heard the old adage that a broken mirror brings 7 years of bad luck?  The earliest known manufactured mirrors date back 8,000 years – yes, all those zeros are correct! Those primitive pieces  were discovered in what is now Turkey and were made from volcanic glass, or obsidian. More recently – in relative terms – mirrors have been unearthed in Egypt, Mesopotamia, China and America, dating back to 2000 BC. Not until the Renaissance, between 1300 and 1600, did modern mirrors make an appearance after the Florentines invented a process for making low-temperature lead backing. That is another discovery for which we can thank the Italians, in addition to pasta, pizza and gelato! If you want to know more about the evolution and beliefs about the power of mirrors, check it out at  HowStuffWorks.

gold embellished bathroom mirror

Mirrors are reputed to improve the “qi” of a space, affecting health, wealth and more. Photo by Larry Malvin Photography

Use Mirrors to Create Feng Shui

Did you know that mirrors are important in many feng shui arrangements, too? They are said to improve the “qi” of a space, which is believed to affect health, wealth, energy level and luck, among other things. Whether or not that’s true, the elegant flow of the gold embellished mirror  in the ensuite above does make me feel sophisticated and energized. It’s the “wow” factor in the room, and it references the circular gold-toned cabinet hardware. The mirror also reminds me of a woman’s face, framed by her hair on top and a casually twisted neck scarf.  You can learn more about mirrors and feng shui here: TheSpruce

rectangular bathroom mirror

In a small powder room, a mirror can create the illusion of more space. Photo by Larry Malvin

Make an Impact with a Large Mirror

To make an impact in this first floor powder room, we chose a large rectangular mirror with a lightly antiqued, silver finish in a pebbly texture. We like the way its tailored style meshes with the clean lines and light colors of the space.  The reflection of the wall art and the roman shade directs added attention to those pieces and increases the effect of their colors and patterns. A large mirror in a small room also creates the illusion of more space.

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