Warming Up to Bedroom Benches

With its understated fabric and updated tufting, this bedroom bench is a subtle counterpoint to the texture and shine of the glam of the throw and coverlet. Photo Courtesy of IEG


Six Reasons To Love Bedroom Benches

Like the perfect pair of shoes to complete your favorite outfit, the right bench at the foot of a bed adds essential style and function to a bedroom. We consider them a must-have for almost any bedroom with enough space to accommodate one. Why? Bedroom benches are a multi-purpose piece of furniture. Here are six reasons to love them:

  • Bedroom benches give you a comfortable spot to sit when you are are pulling on slacks or tying shoes.
  • They are a handy place to toss those layers of decorative throw pillows when it is time for bed.
  • Because of their cushioned tops, bedroom benches are a welcoming rest stop when you need to check text messages or take a quick look at the weather app before heading outside.
  • If it is a bench with a back, you can linger longer while reading a book or doing some quick work on your laptop.
  • If it is a bench with built-in storage, so much the better! Who doesn’t need more storage space for spare blankets or throws?
  • From a style standpoint, benches are another way that designers add texture and interest to a bedroom and “accessorize” the bed. Like any other piece of furniture, we can create the perfect design and fabric for your bedroom bench.

How We Chose This Bench

In the glamorous bedroom pictured above, we selected an elegant, clean-lined, upholstered bench whose frame and fabric are from one of our favorite vendors, www.kravet.com. The understated style allows the silver-gray coverlet from www.sharris.com to shine through, literally and figuratively! We opted for a polished chrome base to echo that gleam, and quiet tufted cushion for subtle texture and comfort.

What’s the Proper Size?

Dimensions are an important consideration when choosing a bedroom bench. We often choose a width that is slightly narrower than the bed for the correct scale, and we adjust the height according to the bed height. Typically we want the bench to be a few inches shorter than the top of the bed. The proper depth depends in part of how much space you have. We always leave enough room for easy navigation in the room.


Mixing rustic and refined elements in a room makes it more layered and interesting. The pine storage bench with faux fur cushion includes storage for this guest bedroom. Photo by Matt Warren Photography.

Finding a Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Bench

Doesn’t the faux-fur cushion on that pine storage bench give this bedroom a super cozy look? Because this property is out in the country, we chose a modern farmhouse look for the bedroom. The rustic textures of the bench feel right at home in this polished yet casual space, and hidden storage is always welcome. We paired it with a window-pane plaid comforter that echoes the mullioned windows, and a deep pile rug from Loloi Rugs. Here again, you can see that the bench is narrower and shorter than the bed, and sits well within the border of the rug.


The horizontal stripe in these window panels from Romo enlivens this masculine bedroom. Photo by Larry Malvin Photography.

A Sophisticated Upholstered Bench

When our clients’ children moved out, they commissioned us to update their bedrooms with a more grownup aesthetic that would reflect each child’s personality. For their son, we created a modern and sophisticated look with accents of lively pattern, rich texture and shine. We chose an espresso finish for both the bench and the platform of the bed. The color combination pulls together the room’s palette while the clean-lined style is a smooth transition from the bed. Both bench and bed are from Kravet. Every room needs something unexpected. In this case, we chose a pair of polished chrome lamps from Arteriors Home and a heavily textured urn filled with bamboo and succulents.


A bench with a back that’s decorative can stand in as a footboard while offering back support.

A bench with a back that’s decorative can stand in as a foot board while offering back support.

Bench with a Back

Drenched in glossy white, lilac and champagne, this dramatic master bedroom has one-of-a-kind detailing, including a bench with a back built into the bed. We upholstered the seat and back with fabric from Robert Allen Design to provide a comfortable place to perch. The regal color was inspired by the stately, carved millwork, reminiscent of a stage. Because the bench is elevated a few inches, it is an inviting place to sit and spend a few minutes contemplating the scenery through the glass doors or jotting down a to-do list for the day.


To maintain the tranquility of this peaceful bedroom, we chose a low-key chevron pattern for this bench with storage. Photo by Matt Warren Photography.

To maintain the tranquility of this peaceful bedroom, we chose a low-key chevron pattern for this bench with storage. Photo by Matt Warren Photography.

Upholstered Storage Bench

As I discussed in my earlier blog, Boosting Energy with Iconic Chevron, this much-loved zig-zag pattern brings life to a space, whether the design is big and bold or soft and subtle, as in this organic and refined bedroom. The understated grey and soft white pattern from Kravet is perfect on the storage bench from Cox Manufacturing – we didn’t want to distract from the texture and beauty of the organic stone wall accents or the lovely view of the property. Likewise, to open up sight lines to the stone accent walls, we chose open-shelved nightstands.

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